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    Over our tenure in Russia, we’ve made significant investment in  infrastructure. 

    Outspan International Ltd is our Russian subsidiary, and one of the largest suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished products to the food processing industry in Russia. For our Grains business, we’ve invested in a port-based elevation facility in Azov to support our export operations.

    We supply cocoa beans and products, milk ingredients, and green and instant coffee to major national and international brands through our Group company ofi. We focus on reliability, consistency, trust, traceability, logistics support and other value-added services.

    Whether it’s a seasonal or a permanent position you’re interested in, we seek talented individuals to join our team and offer a range of opportunities to grow – no pun intended!

    Visit our careers section for more information on the types of roles and vacancies available. 


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    Rusmolco is one of the largest fresh milk producers in Russia with production of about 120 million litres per year. Average production is over 11,000 kilos per cow per year – nearly twice the average.

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    Whether you’re interested in speaking to our country management team, enquiring about one of our products or partnering with us, we want to hear from you.

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